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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

At Grace Chapel we believe that every follower of Jesus is a missionary.  We believe this is our gospel identity, so when we discuss missions it includes everyone; everywhere.  The distinction comes as we talk about the places that God has called us as missionaries.  We support both local and global partners, and a growing list of local bridge-building efforts, as we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the those around us.  
As a church, we believe that God wants us to be invested in the efforts of all our partners.  
We do this through prayer, giving and direct involvement when possible in any initiatives or efforts that advance the gospel.  

Missions Pledge

Missions Highlight - Bob & Donna Mastin

Hope Outreach Center

The Hope Outreach Center (HOC) is a ministry located in Dimapur, India, that provides educational support and help to the underprivileged  children of the region.  This ministry serves mostly Hindu and Muslim children in the villages near the Center, and provides love, education and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry is fully and solely funded by Grace Chapel, and is directed by Pastor Langshukyu Sangtam and his wife, Preety.

Global Partners

We believe that God commands us to bring the gospel to all nations.  At Grace Chapel we have partnered with several missionaries to reflect the heart of God in pursuing the Great Commission. 

Peter and Robin Knapp


Pastor Langshukyu


Southeast Asia


Shane and Eden Niles


North Africa and the Middle East


Steve and Donna Niles


David and Diana Stoddard


Southeast Asia


Bob and Donna Mastin

Local Partners

Auburn Pregnancy Care Center


Syracuse Nepali Church

Local Bridge Building

Local Fire Departments  


Rescue Mission


Veterans Outreach


Syracuse Nepali Church