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Acts 29 is a church-wide event that we hold every year as an opportunity for the church to come along side our community and make a difference. We ask that our church family take the money they would tithe to Grace Chapel on July 24, and instead spend that money on items to help bless people in need. Partnering with the Rescue Mission, local food pantries, and the Pregnancy Care Center, our goal is to provide enough food and supplies for them to continue to provide for the people in our community.

get involved

get involved

what to expect

One Service

We will gather as a church family for 1 service July 24th @10am. We will utilize our main worship space as well as our overflow area. 

Church Wide Picnic

Following our service we will be holding a church wide picnic that YOU are invited to. We will provide lunch for  all, and activities for the kids. This will be a great time of connecting and building community

Grocery Drop-Off

Directly following our service we will head to our church picnic. We are asking that you do not bring any items in with you BEFORE service. We will dismiss you during the picnic to bring your items into the church.

Below you will find a diagram of how to split up your items and drop them off