Hope Outreach Center

The Hope Outreach Center (HOC) is a ministry located in Dimapur, India, that provides educational support and help to the underprivileged  children of the region.  This ministry serves mostly Hindu and Muslim children in the villages near the Center, and provides love, education and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The ministry is fully and solely funded by Grace Chapel, and is directed by Pastor Langshukyu Sangtam and his wife, Preety.  They oversee a staff of 7 trained tutors that provide educational assistance on a daily basis to over 100 children.

Each year, we ask our Grace Chapel family to adopt this ministry for a specific number of days.  

A $135 gift can support the HOC for 3 days.  Yearly missions trips are planned for a small team of volunteers, to provide direct support the Center.


Hope Outreach Center Background

The Hope Outreach Center began forming in 2005.  At that time, only a small bamboo thatch hut existed to serve as a church and community center to help those who lived close by.  Over the course of the next 12 years, this hut has become a four-story Outreach Center that serves more that 100 students each day! 

The HOC is truly a light shining in the darkness of Northeast India.

A 50' Climbing Wall

This world-class climbing wall at HOC attracts teens form all over the area.  As they come to the Center, it gives the staff an opportunity to introduce them to the HOC and the gospel.  The HOC has organized climbing teams that have won national medals in competition!

Swimming Pool

In 2012, we built a swimming pool at the HOC.  This is the only pool in the state of Nagaland.  With temperatures over 100 degrees through much of the year, this is another way to attract children.  The joy of watching a child's first experience in this pool is priceless!