We believe the primary purpose of marriage is to reflect the unity and oneness of God to the world around us.  We believe one of the greatest opportunities we have to witness to the world is through godly marriages built on Biblical principles.  We believe that it was God who created marriages, and through His word and the Holy Spirit, He equips us to keep them strong and healthy.


Marriage Workshop!

We have recently completed our second  Marriage Workshop, based on the recently revised and updated book 2BecomingONE.  

This workshop is designed for any couple wishing to further their relationship together.

Classes are scheduled periodically for up to 8 couples for the 11 week class. Stay Tuned for our next announcement.


Marriage Study Groups

As a part of "2BecomingOne", an 11 week  class is facilitator-led, and made up of 8  couples who have reading and homework assignments each week. They meet weekly to discuss the materials and share insights in the topics we have been studying.