We believe the primary purpose of marriage is to reflect the unity and oneness of God to the world around us.  We believe one of the greatest opportunities we have to witness to the world is through godly marriages built on Biblical principles.  We believe that it was God who created marriages, and through His word and the Holy Spirit, He equips us to keep them strong and healthy.


The study we use to strengthen marriages in Grace Chapel is called "2BecomingOne".  

It is intensive 8 week study, offered twice during each year in the spring and fall.  It focuses the first four weeks on the biblical foundations for marriage that we find in God's word.  The last four weeks teach biblical principles that we can apply in our marriages to make them all God created them to be.  We believe one of the greatest witness a couple has is displayed in a godly marriage.


Marriage Study Groups

As a part of "2BecomingOne", each 8 week  class is facilitator-led, and made up of 4-6 couples who have reading and homework assignments each week. They meet weekly to discuss the materials and share insights in the topics we have been studying.