G3 (Grace Growth Groups)

Grace Growth Groups (G3) are a part of our Discipleship ministry. 

They are a connecting point for 2 or 3 people of the same gender, who are committed to meeting together weekly for spiritual growth, accountability and prayer.  Our desire is that these groups will serve as a guide in helping one another grow and guard their lives. 

The meeting time is approximately one hour and follows a somewhat defined structure

to help keep you pointed toward the goal of spiritual growth and life change.

G3 Structure

These groups are intended to be:

Mobile - Groups can be flexible about their time and location for their weekly gathering, even by phone during a particularly busy week.

Confidential - Individuals commit to caring for one another and promise to keep conversations safe and private.

Authentic - The goal of these groups is spiritual growth, and learning to obey God as he speaks to us.  No one needs to pretend to be perfect.