Engage is a part of our Discipleship ministry.  In Engage, we believe that having everyone in God's Word regularly is a key spiritual practice we want to encourage.  We are asking God to speak to the entire church through the same passages of scripture, as we study on our own, discuss it together in groups and hear Pastoral teaching each week.  This church-wide study is offered each year from September through May.

How Engage Works

Each Day - You'll read Bible passages outlined in a series Reading Plan.  You'll answer some questions and make notes in your journal.

On Sunday Mornings - You'll join an Engage Group of 10-12 people, from 9:45-10:45am, to discuss the Bible passages and your journal notes for that week.

During Sunday Worship - Our Pastors will provide a sermon based on the same passages.


Engage Groups

We want to see every believer:

Cultivate - an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Connect - with other believers who share our passion for His word.

Synthesize - the meaning of God's Word in their personal lives.